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Creates robust one-shot download-helper files. A small 450k executable that is used to download
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6 August 2009

Editor's review

While using Internet Explorer, often you may have experienced troubles in carrying out a file downloading task. This is because if the download window is mistakenly closed, you’d have to surf through the website and begin file downloading task all over again. However, if you use other browsers such as Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome, accidentally if both the browser and download window close, you’re downloading task simply gets canceled. However, when it comes to file downloading, a large number of sophisticated tools are available over the web to choose from. One such utility is Download Helper Professional 2.0.0, which helps you creating Download Helper Package EXE files for downloading files from internet. It downloads files independently from web browsers, and supports both FTP and HTTP protocols. The downloader executables are capable of resuming downloads even if internet connection faces any problem.

Using the Download Helper Professional 2.0.0, you can create different download helper executables with file downloading tasks associated with them. The interface of the application has been effectively designed considering your usage convenience. You can create executables with password protection associating the download URLs for your own usage, or share the executable for authorized downloading of files from internet or ftp over other computers. For creating the executable downloader files, you’d have to define certain fields provided in Package Data, URL data, and Skin. You can begin with Package Data to define Title; Package Password; choose to show URLs show file names only, or hide URL list; and specify the storage destination for resulting executable file. Next, is URL data where you can add file download URLs; and define File Size, Comments, Download sharing, Action after download, D/L method, and FTP login. Further, you’ve to select a Skin file with ‘Skin’ segment, and finally hit ‘Generate’ to get the output download helper executable file.

With Download Helper Professional 2.0.0 application you can effortlessly create downloader helper package EXE file for aiding file download from FTP or internet. The program comprises of credible and easy features and is capable of generating impressive downloader setups, for which it has been allotted with 3.5 rating points.

Publisher's description

Download Helper Professional is used to create download helper package executables. A package executable is small single file program of about 450k that is used to download one or more files from the Internet. The package executable is a stand alone program requiring no other associated files. The package executable can be distributed on its own as needed.
Both HTTP and FTP protocols are supported. User customisable skins can be created. It does not give up easily on problem Internet connections and will resume a download from where it left off.
The main features of Download Helper Professional are:
·Multiple file download from different addresses
·Supports HTTP and FTP file transfers
.Customisable skins.
·Resume broken downloads
·A package is contained in a single small executable file
·Options to open or run files after downloading
·Package password option
·Concurrent or sequential downloading of files
·Selection of default destination directory
·Option to hide url paths
·Display comments associated with individual files
·Close package executable after download
Download Helper Professional
Download Helper Professional
Version 2.0
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